6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

>>6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

6 Digital Marketing Blogs You Need to Bookmark

Need to refresh your bookmarks? Check out our six recommendations for digital marketing blogs that should be added to your bookmarks – the sooner, the better!

One of the best ways to keep up with industry trends is by reading digital marketing blogs. It’s also one of the most fun methods! Rather than attending webinars or networking events (though those are great, too!), you can sit back with a coffee in hand and educate yourself on the latest practices in digital advertising. The only question you may have is, which blogs are the best ones to read? There are plenty, and not all are created equal.

To save our readers time and headache, we did the research and discovered six digital marketing blogs you need to bookmark. You’ll be glad you did.

  1. Content Marketing Institute

No surprise here, Content Marketing Institute’s blog is loaded with content. Each blog is relevant and tackles topics that many digital marketing agencies skip over. Popular areas include influencer marketing, social media content and blogging. You can also find informative white papers and ebooks if you’re looking for more in-depth resources.

What we really enjoy about these articles is that they help marketers create better content. We already know that content is important, but this blog goes into detail about productivity and organization. Content has a purpose and should be doing a job. This blog will teach you ways to measure its impact.

  1. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a bright, busy and colorful place to be – much like a playground – but for marketers. Use the top bar to sort through the various topic areas such as SEO, SEM, Mobile or Social. Or, scroll through the homepage to browse through the newest blogs. There are even time and date stamps so you know when the material was published.

Marketing Land is a great place to catch up on all aspects of digital marketing while having control over the news you read. Content is updated in real time, so you can catch breaking news here as well such as when Facebook or Google make an announcement. Keep on top of this blog, and you can keep on top of your competitors.

  1. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner doesn’t update their blog as much as Marketing Land, but you can still find fresh content here on a regular basis. As the name indicates, the blog focuses on topics related to social media, mostly Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also discover in-depth information about changes made to the most popular social media channels.

A couple of things make this blog stand out. First, the articles touch on unique and specific aspects of social media, such as building a Facebook Ad funnel or optimizing your Facebook Page Preview in the News Feed. Second, each blog is consistent and delivers the same experience with similar graphics and formats. You can even find podcasts and videos if you’re not keen on reading.

  1. Moz Blog

The Moz blog focuses on inbound marketing and SEO. Like Marketing Land, it offers a lot of content from various authors. We do prefer the way the content is organized on this site, however. The graphics follow the same color scheme, keeping everything consistent and clean. The photos of the author next to each post is a nice touch as well.

The content itself is equally high-end. Each article is informative and contains a unique headline that captures interest. By bookmarking this blog, you can stay up to date with the industry trends and grow stronger in SEO.

  1. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics has some unique information compared to the other blogs we’ve listed so far. While the focus is still on digital marketing, it pertains more to analytics and testing. As we said before, your marketing efforts have a job to do. For example, your website drives traffic. It can look beautiful and function well, but if it’s not bringing in traffic, it’s not effective.

The Kissmetrics blog will teach you how to measure the impact of your marketing efforts. The way the information is presented is what makes this an awesome blog. For every couple of articles there is a beautiful infographic sharing statistics and facts. We recommend using these infographics in your campaign proposals to get everyone on board.

  1. Social Media Today

The last blog we have to share with you is Social Media Today. The blog has made a few refreshing updates that we really enjoy. For example, on the top right-hand side are the Top Five Stories at the moment. Dig right in and get your morning news. If you scroll down, there are other recommendations under “Most Popular” and “Staff Picks”.

Like Marketing Land, Social Media Today has a mashup of digital marketing topics. If you’re interested in a specific area, use the bar at the top to find related content. Social Media Today uses lots of visuals and has content styles for everyone’s tastes, including infographics, listicles and ebooks.

If your bookmarks have been looking dull and lifeless lately, spruce them up with one of our highly recommended digital marketing blogs.

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