Charlie Pinedo, PCM®, MBA

Charlie Pinedo, PCM®, MBA
Charlie Pinedo, PCM®, MBAVP Brand Strategy, AMA NJ / Programs Market Manager, Laerdal Medical

As a leader on the Board of Directors, what is your personal mission for success?

My personal mission is to encourage each member of our team to share their unique thinking as seasoned marketers where together, we will imprint a brand in our marketing community that upholds the integrity of great marketing. Success includes carrying a deep sense of pride in what we do and who we represent where it’s contagious not only within our group, but among our chapter’s members. And while we do this, let’s make sure to have some fun!

What attracted you to your current job?

Healthcare technology is continually progressing where advancements in simulation software and medical training devices allow professionals in that industry to more effectively save patient lives. As Programs Market Manager at Laerdal Medical, it provided me the opportunity to explore the medical technology industry and launch innovative programs that will help shape the future of healthcare.

Was Marketing your first career choice?

Marketing has always been my passion both in its science and art. My first adventure in marketing was during my high school years when I worked for a small telemarketing company persuading customers to purchase postage meters and sign up for loyalty programs. It paved the way into Sales which helped me survive my college years living in Manhattan and eventually opened the door into the world of Advertising and product marketing. It’s been a glorious journey of experiencing marketing through different specializations ever since.

Why did you join the AMA?

The AMA has provided me with the opportunity to connect with a wealth of experienced marketers and new marketers alike, both offering different perspectives on the future of marketing. It is delightful to be able to give back by volunteering my time and getting involved in both the New Jersey Chapter as well as the New York Chapter knowing that my efforts will help bring all types of marketers together to share fresh ideas.

What was the most unusual experience in your career?

My most unusual experience by far was driving up a mountain for almost 2 hours in Mexico with a film crew to shoot a set of commercials that had to be filmed at a precise mountain top location with the evening sky in the horizon.  The shoot lasted until about midnight where there was no cell phone service available or any sign of life in the distance.  Suddenly, we heard rumbling and crashing of some type of wild animal approaching us – long story short, we ran into the van and I’ve never seen a cargo van go from 0 to 60 mph that quickly; this production was over!

What’s at the top of your “must-see” list?

In the top spot of my “must see” list is Bora Bora on the islands of French Polynesia.  I’ve only seen that majestic view in movies and Instagram pics shared by friends on vacation in response to my posted images of Wildwood Crest.

Favorite movie – and why?

At the top of my favorites movie list is “Evan Almighty” – while it may not have been a box office hit, it teaches us a remarkable story about how we should always commit ourselves to something larger than our own ambitions and desires where helping others with random acts of kindness will reap the greatest of rewards.

What makes you laugh?

My son’s sense of humor makes me laugh. We are so alike where not everyone gets our humor or thinks it’s funny, but he and I see eye to eye and just crack each other up! We are truly each other’s best audience.

If you could have dinner with a famous person from history, who would it be and why?

As a marketer who is “in love” with Marketing, my dinner date with a famous person from history would have to be David Ogilvy, also known as the Father of Advertising.  From reading his published pieces to applying his famous quotes to my own personal life, his thinking and philosophy of how to make a genuine lasting connection between people and products is both authentic and memorable.


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  1. Lisa Piccolo March 27, 2018 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    Having had the opportunity to work with Charlie directly it is apparent that marketing is his first career choice. He excels at what he does.!

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