The Most Successful Marketing Tactics of 2017

>>The Most Successful Marketing Tactics of 2017

The Most Successful Marketing Tactics of 2017

As we wrap up 2017, let’s explore the most successful marketing tactics from the year. We have a feeling that we will be seeing more of them in 2018!

The landscape is getting more competitive for businesses of all sizes and industries. In 2018, marketing professionals will have to make a lot of changes to improve their current strategies, keep up with their competitors, and meet the needs of consumers. Fortunately, some of the marketing practices that will be used in 2018 have already been introduced in 2017.

Before 2018 rolls around, get familiar with the most successful marketing tactics of 2017 and why they make a difference.

Cross-Promotional Marketing

You are not alone in this world. Other businesses and organizations are around, and some might be willing to promote your products and services on your behalf! How this works is through cross-promotion. Instead of offering your product as it is, you can bundle it with another product or service for the same price.

To do this, you’ll need to reach out to other businesses and find cross-promotion opportunities that will work. It’s a win-win for you and the other business, as you both get your brands in front of a new audience. The best part is there are really no rules to follow. You can be a small business cross-promoting your products with a large business or vice versa. In fact, you don’t even need a product! You can cross-promote your businesses with webinars, guest posts, or events.

Self-Serve Ad Platforms

It’s tempting to throw most of your ad budget into Facebook and Google ads because they have such a high volume. As great as it is to have a lot of people looking at your ads, there is also a lot of competition. Why not take some of that budget and invest it into less popular channels such as Reddit, Snapchat, or Instagram? Even niche websites can work well such as message boards and directories.

Part of the reason why channels like Reddit and Snapchat have become more popular is because of their self-serve ad features. Snapchat was one of the first to introduce their self-serve ad management platform that made advertising cheaper and easier for businesses of all sizes. Reddit has done the same, and now LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are in line for similar options.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Promoting a piece of content on multiple channels isn’t anything new, but it has grown exponentially this past year. Marketers see the value in turning one piece of content into several. It’s a better use of their resources, and they’re able to reach a wider audience without having to start from scratch. This saves time and money and helps your content stand out.

With a multi-channel marketing strategy, you start with your core content. This can be anything from a blog, a YouTube video, or an audio recording. Your team then takes the core content and turns it into other forms of content such as an infographic or podcast. This way, you can attract all types of learners (e.g. visual, auditory, readers) and get more engagement from one piece of content.

Mobile Marketing

This past year, we’ve watched mobile marketing grow as people spend more time on their mobile devices. Not only are mobile device adoption rates up, but so are smartphone conversion rates. Despite the widespread use of digital devices, mobile marketing is still new in the grand scheme of things.  

Some of the best mobile marketing campaigns from 2017 have been integrated, meaning they guide consumers from product introduction to final sale. As you prepare for 2018, consider ways that you can build an integrated mobile marketing strategy that pushes mobile customers through the funnel.

Additionally, 2017 was a reminder that brands either adapt to mobile marketing or get left behind. With Google favoring mobile-friendly websites, the bar has certainly been raised for today’s websites. Simple navigation, fast-loading text and images, responsive designs, and more are expected by consumers.

Wrapping it Up

There’s no doubt that 2017 was a strong year for marketing. Many of the tactics that were introduced this year will continue to flourish in 2018. We do see a few trends that are worth pointing out.

First, there are many opportunities currently out there. Between multi-channel marketing and cross-promotion, you can get your products in front of more people for an affordable cost. Second, social media is rolling out self-serve ad platforms that allow you to take control of your ads and ad spend. Lastly, there are higher expectations across the board for today’s websites. If you can’t deliver a user-friendly mobile experience, your brand will miss out on serious credibility.

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