Unique Rewards to Incentivize Creative Employees

>>Unique Rewards to Incentivize Creative Employees

Unique Rewards to Incentivize Creative Employees

Where would you be without your creative employees? Show these individuals that you appreciate their contribution to the team by rewarding them with something of value such as team building activities, flexible working hours, or a longer lunch break. Not only will you be recognizing their hard work but also incentivizing them to continue their creative streak. Research shows that employee appreciation is one of the top motivators for engagement and happiness.

Below we share unique rewards to celebrate the work by your employees. The best part about these incentives is that they don’t cost much, and yet, you get so much in return.

Branded Merchandise

Promotional products are far from boring these days. Most catalogs are jam-packed with stylish branded swag, useful items like stainless steel water bottles, car chargers, and neat gadgets for the office. Let your top-performing employees shop through the catalog for an item of their choice, or you can stock up on products to keep in the back room.

You may also want to consider setting up a company web store. This way, employees can shop for promotional items at their leisure. By setting up an employee incentive program, you can allow workers to earn credits or “points” to be spent at the store. It’s fun for them and free advertising for you. Win win!

Longer Lunch Break

We already know that fewer Americans are taking their breaks and lunch hours. Yet, these small breaks are essential for recharging throughout the day. The benefits of taking regular breaks include greater productivity, boosted mental alertness, and less discomfort.

Show your employees that you see the value in taking breaks; they are essential for the creative soul! Reward your top employees with a longer lunch break for the day or week. If they normally take 30 minutes, give them an hour. Stack menus in the lunchroom to encourage employees to order food and relax.

Flexible Working Hours

Probably one of the most welcomed rewards is flexible working hours. Everyone gets tired of having a mundane schedule, so give your hardworking employees something to look forward to. There are many ways to facilitate flexible working hours into your schedule without interrupting the workflow. We include some ideas below.

  • Come in 30 minutes later
  • Leave 30 minutes earlier
  • Work from home for the day
  • Take a longer lunch break
  • Take more microbreaks
  • Enjoy more downtime
  • Take a day off

Healthy Snacks in the Breakroom

One of the best ways to keep your creative employees motivated is by offering healthy snacks to munch on. The best snacks will give workers a boost of energy and keep them productive. Reward employees with a shopping trip from Peapod and a stocked pantry/fridge of snacks like the following:

  • Dried and fresh fruits
  • Cold cut veggies with dip
  • Trail mix
  • Popcorn
  • String cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Beef jerky
  • Assorted fruit juices/flavored waters

Membership or Subscription

It’s always nice to be treated to something special, so consider the many ways that you can pamper your employees outside the workplace. Consider offering a list of memberships or subscriptions that you’d be happy to give employees who reach certain goals. If you need to put time restrictions on them (you don’t want to get stuck paying for yearly memberships), be clear about that upfront.

Subscriptions can be offered for:

  • Health clubs
  • Food delivery service
  • Car wash service
  • Home cleaning service
  • Streaming service (e.g., Netflix, Hulu)
  • Amazon Prime

Custom Coffee Mug

A coffee mug may sound predictable, but it’s a gift that most people are happy to receive. Don’t just offer any coffee mug but something attractive and durable with your company’s name etched on. Include assorted coffees, teas, or hot chocolates, depending on what the person likes.

The reason why coffee tumblers make a great reward is because it serves as a badge of honor. Employees who reach certain goals will feel proud to have the mug sitting on their desk. Every time they look at it, it’s a reminder of what they have accomplished at your company.

Tickets to an Event

Another great way to reward your best employees is by sending them to a fun event. Vacations and getaways are expensive (though some companies manage to do them), so a fun event is a good compromise. You can purchase tickets to museums, concerts, festivals, workshops and seminars, theater plays, comedy clubs, sporting events, and more.

Decide if you want to pre-purchase the tickets in advance and have employees work toward them, or let your high-achievers choose from a list of tickets. If you’re on a budget, buying tickets to a predetermined event is usually cheaper, and you can qualify for group rates.

It’s not easy to find talented, motivated and loyal employees. If you have a great team that is reaching their benchmarks, reward them for their dedication and hard work. These gestures cost very little for your company but will leave a huge impact on your work environment.

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