How To Boost Your Marketing With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning!

>>How To Boost Your Marketing With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning!
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An AMA NJ Executive Circle NJ Event (formerly MENG)

How To Boost Your Marketing With AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning!

Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning in particular, is the “flavor of the week”, but it’s not magic. What kinds of marketing problems are being solved with machine learning and how do you know if you need it? Customer support chats, CRM follow-ups, web content quality, website search, and social media listening are just a few of the places where machine learning are working today. Find out how it works and decide whether it is for you and your company. Key Takeaways from this presentation:

  • Identify the key types of machine learning that every marketer should know (they aren’t technical)
  • Explore some real-life examples of how marketing problems were solved with machine learning
  • Learn how to recognize when your marketing problem might benefit from machine learning and how to take some positive steps even when you aren’t ready for machine learning yet

Meet Your expert speaker

 Mike Moran


Mike Moran is an expert in content marketing, search technology, social media, text analytics, machine learning, and web analytics. Mike is a senior strategist for several marketing technology companies, including Converseon, Revealed Content, SoloSegment, and RankSense, all of which use machine learning to solve content marketing problems for clients. Mike has been working in text analytics and machine learning for more than 30 years, as a former IBM Distinguished Engineer and a veteran of IBM Research with 11 patents. Mike’s latest book, co-authored with James Mathewson, Outside-In Marketing, helps typical marketers understand how Big Data can be used to fuel content marketing, through machine learning and other techniques. Mike is a Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association, known for breaking down complex subjects into simple, actionable techniques that bring immediate value.

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