Maximize B2B Content Marketing with Multiple Channels and Media

>>Maximize B2B Content Marketing with Multiple Channels and Media

Maximize B2B Content Marketing with Multiple Channels and Media

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By Ryan Coté

Allow me to echo the 18th century philosopher George Berkeley and ask, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Likewise, if you create amazing content and no one is there to read it, what good is it to you?

Building good content through a content marketing strategy is only half the battle to driving business leads into your sales funnel. The second part of this equation is increasing the traffic to your content. You can maximize your content marketing strategy by driving traffic to it through multiple channels, like blogs, online PR, social media, content curation, and repurposing the content into different mediums like video.

Content marketing is a crucial addition to any B2B marketing plan and, in this article, we’ll show you how make the biggest bang for your buck.

Online PR and Social Media
Using a variety of PR and social media strategies can help drive traffic to your content. Maintaining good relationships with other bloggers in your niche can help you easily get traction for your great articles. Basic online PR means reaching out one-on-one to these other bloggers in your niche and trading favors with write-ups of each other’s content, building a chain that spans the entire network of linked blogs that helps bring visitors to your content. Once you’ve shown some level of traction at the blog level, you stand a chance of getting picked up by a content curator, even a large one, like HuffingtonPost, Slashdot, or Reddit.

Press releases can help you announce your best content to other industry members who follow release feeds (typically larger organizations with big resources). We accompany tentpole content, like whitepapers, with press releases on a regular basis for our clients.

One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site is through the existing group of brand advocates and influencers that you already have a direct line to: your social media fans and followers. Spread the message about your new content internally and watch it grow from there.

Curating content like your own content
Online curation services like allow you to curate content from around the Web and become a knowledge resource on a specific topic. If you begin curating creative content from around the web on the topics that you write on, you can publish your own content under the same curation platform. When you build a following that follows you because you post quality content that they’re interested in, then you have an instantly-engagable audience for releasing quality content that they’re interested in.

Repurposing written content into video and vice versa
The biggest expense in content marketing is creating the initial content. It takes time and energy to build out great content. You think fantastic articles like this one come easy?

Once the content has been developed, repurposing into video is simple. One of the most effective kinds of videos for this type of repurposing is the whiteboard video. A single speaker cast against a whiteboard or greenscreen reading a teleprompter or spinning off-the-cuff to repeat and illustrate your content. You’ve already done the heavy lifting by researching, reviewing, structuring, and writing the content. Throw it in a video and reap the rewards.

Instead of starting with the content and recording a video, a trick a lot of B2B marketers are using is to start with the video as the initial seed content, fleshing it out into an article through the use of a transcription service. One of the benefits to this is how quickly the word count can add up. A ten minute video is relatively easy to record when you’re talking off-the-cuff, and this will convert into 1,500 or more words ripe for editing and publishing into a long article.

Ryan Cote is the Director of Marketing for Ballantine Digital, a family owned and operated digital marketing company specializing in search engine optimization, web design, content marketing and more.

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