Technology’s Impact on the Marketing Mix

>>Technology’s Impact on the Marketing Mix

Technology’s Impact on the Marketing Mix

SEM-Geeks-signatureBy Peter Schauer

If you were to work on an updated marketing strategy, would you be compelled to place a listing in the newspaper, or would you aim for a digital marketing approach to reach consumers on smartphones and mobile apps? Chances are, you picked the digital marketing approach.

As technology has evolved, so has marketing. No longer can businesses rely solely on traditional marketing materials like billboard ads or colorful flyers. Consumers demand more to grasp their attention, and marketers must deliver.

Types of Digital Marketing
Online marketing is creative, effective and adaptable, but the complexity of it does present challenges. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the balance that each company must find. Most businesses require all forms of online marketing, just in different variations.

The most common forms of digital marketing include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Email newsletters
  • Mobile applications
  • Pay per click ads
  • Content
  • Responsive website

Traditional Marketing Still Matters
Traditional marketing still exists, so you must also balance this with digital marketing. Local companies have an even greater need for community involvement, networking and face-to-face marketing, but nearly all businesses need some form of this. To have a business that relies entirely on technology is rare; businesses must also have a place within their community where they can network with other businesses, sponsor scholarships, host events and increase foot traffic.

Finding a Balance
When considering the various types of online marketing, you can understand how a local painting business may benefit more from local SEO and a Facebook page, while an online toy store will favor responsive web design and a PPC campaign. Finding this balance for your own business will take time, patience and plenty of trial and error. Fortunately, most forms of digital marketing are low cost and allow for A/B testing to see what draws in the most traffic.

According to sources, the ratio of online to traditional marketing is about 70:30. This gives you some idea of where your time, effort and advertising budget should be delivered. To be most effective, marketers should track and measure multi-level campaigns that include social media, SEO, email, direct mail and telephone.

Most importantly, have fun with digital technology. There was a time when businesses put together costly marketing campaigns, only to find that they weren’t effective. With today’s resources, you can find which channels work for your business and modify them throughout the campaign. Yes, technology can be a beautiful thing.

Pete Schauer is a Digital Media Specialist at , a full service digital marketing and web development agency located in Belmar, NJ.

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