The Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

>>The Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to the Do’s and Dont’s of Email Marketing

Email marketing is far from dead. It’s surging in popularity. Be an effective marketer and check out our guide on the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.

Email marketing is growing. Gmail alone has 1 billion users, while The Radicati Group predicts there will be 3 billion email users in the world by 2020. That’s almost half the global population! As popular as email is, doing it well is getting more difficult. People receive so many emails, they ignore or delete the ones that don’t grab their attention.

Rather than cutting back on email marketing, the key is to be more efficient. To help you out, we’ve put together this guide to the do’s and don’ts of email marketing.

Ultimate List of Do’s

DO send emails to people that want to hear from you.

If you have email lists with low engagement, there’s no reason to keep sending emails. This only hurts your domain reputation and takes away resources from people who want to hear from you. Subscribers on this list will appreciate it, too. It gets tiresome deleting emails or marking them as read. Empathize with these users. One day, they may return as loyal customers!

DO have a goal for each email you send.

Create a goal for the messages you deliver. This way, you can define success and the metrics to measure it. Goals could include a customer redeeming a product code on your website or filling out a contact form to receive exclusive content. Unlike landing pages that offer a single route for conversion, be flexible with your emails. Give contacts multiple ways to convert, such as links in the text or calls to action.

DO personalize and test your emails.

Your recipients get a lot of messages in their inboxes, so sending them a generic message is a good way to get yours deleted. Speak to your audience by personalizing your emails. Stick to the basics, as you don’t want your brand to feel forceful. First names and business names are enough to personalize the email, especially when sending tailored content.

DO send emails from a personalized account.

Personalization isn’t limited to the recipient’s end. It’s also possible on the sender’s side. Avoid sending out emails from a “noreply” email account. People like to see that their emails are coming from a real person and that they are able to be reached if necessary.

Ultimate List of Don’ts

DON’T send your emails on the same days of the week.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the most popular days to send emails, but that doesn’t mean you need to be sending your messages mid-week. People tend to be oversaturated with emails, which means yours could get lost in the mix. Also, you need to find what works for your audience. Experiment with different days to see when you get the most engagement. It may turn out that weekends work best for your brand.

DON’T buy lists or import names from one.

Engagement rates tend to be higher from contacts that willingly provide you with their name and email address. They want to hear from you, as opposed to cold contacts that you’ve imported from a list. As tempting as it may be to expand your subscriber list, don’t send emails to those who haven’t asked for them.

DON’T worry if you get a few unsubscribes.

Unsubscribes happen. Life changes and people’s needs change. By unsubscribing, the contact is telling you that they’re not interested in hearing from you anymore. The only time to worry is when you get a lot of unsubscribes. This means you’re not reaching your audience effectively. Also pay attention to how many emails are being opened. If many are ignored, it’s possible that unsubscribes are coming.

DON’T write clickbait headlines.

Inboxes are overflowing, making it tempting to write headlines that will entice users to click. However, you must avoid this. If your headline lures people in and they leave right away, your bounce rates will increase and clickthrough rates will decrease. To make your headlines interesting, relevant and honest, choose simple words and experiment with emojis. Always ask yourself, “Would I open this email?”


Email marketing is not losing its edge. It is growing more competitive, just as other marketing tactics are. Continue using email marketing to reach customers and keep them informed about your products and services. Test different strategies to see which ones your audience responds best too. Effective marketers see success with email marketing. Are you?

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