4 Reasons Why Promotional Products Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy

>>4 Reasons Why Promotional Products Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy

4 Reasons Why Promotional Products Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy

Think back to a time when you took home a promotional item. What was it? Where did you receive it? How did it make you feel? Promotional products are like free presents. Most of the time, people are happy to receive them and bring them home. As long as the item is practical and relevant, there’s no reason for it not to be used. In fact, 81% of people keep promotional items for more than a year, according to the PPAI.  

Branded merchandise is a wonderful addition to your current marketing strategy. Let’s look at four reasons why you should include promotional products in your campaigns and the benefits to expect as a result.

  1. Get Instant Brand Recognition

Building brand awareness is usually a top goal for marketing campaigns. When people are aware of your brand, they recognize you more easily and are more likely to buy from you in the future. Marketers build brand awareness in a number of ways, including costly advertising campaigns. Fortunately, promotional products are cost-effective and versatile, helping businesses achieve brand recognition in an effective manner.

The most important components for brand recognition are your name and logo. When choosing promotional items, consider those that are relevant to your brand and also give you enough room to feature your business name and logo. Some of the best merchandise includes pens, water bottles, reusable bags, magnets, and chip clips. With strategic products and printing, 9 out of 10 people recall the branding on a promotional item.

  1. Keep Your Brand Front and Center

Promotional products keep your brand front and center. After all, it’s hard to forget your name if a person uses your product every day! You probably have a few objects like this around the home, so you can imagine the impact they have. And, to much surprise, 41% of people keep promotional items for 1-5 years. Consider the exposure a single product can bring your company!

Not only do promo products remind the recipient of your business, but also they gain the attention of other people. Let’s say that you give a t-shirt to someone and he or she wears it regularly. People who see this individual on the train, at the grocery store, or picking up the kids from school are introduced to your brand as well. A single item showing your brand to hundreds – if not thousands – of people. Amazing!

  1. Enjoy Low-Cost Marketing

Promotional product marketing is cost-effective. It’s ranked as the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across all generations. Businesses agree that promotional items have great ROI and are effective in helping achieve marketing goals. Plus, you have a lot of control over the money you spend on these campaigns.

For example, you can choose affordable promotional items to hand out to a wide audience such as keychains, pens, and sunglasses. Or, you can increase your budget and give more expensive, exclusive items to a select audience. Either way, you have control over the cost of these campaigns and what you want to spend on each prospect.

No matter which items you give to your recipients, consider the length of time they may be kept. A single water bottle can be used for years and brought to the gym, the workplace, and the beach. An investment like this continues to bring brand awareness long after you pay for it, as opposed to showing an ad that’s only good for seconds. In other words, promotional product marketing is not a one-and-done investment.

  1. Strengthen Customer Loyalty

Promotional merchandise drives customer loyalty. People like when brands care enough to give them something relevant and useful. They also appreciate when brands can anticipate their needs, which is done by handing out relevant promotional items at the right time.

Here’s an example. I remember walking through a festival with vendors on a hot summer day. One booth was handing out small water guns. They were great for kids (mine were begging me to find this booth!) and for adults. The squirt guns kept people cool while entertaining the kids. A brand that truly understood my needs at that very moment! It’s no wonder why 82% of customers have a more favorable impression of a brand when given a promotional item.


The facts are clear: promotional products are major assets that should be included in your marketing strategy. A single product attracts attention, keeps your brand front and center and strengthens trust and loyalty among customers. The best part is, promotional product marketing doesn’t have to eat away at your budget. It offers great ROI while allowing you to control costs and get more from each dollar.

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Tayllor Gomez-Spillane is the Senior SEO Strategist at SEMGeeks and a contributor to the AMA NJ blog.


  1. David September 28, 2018 at 4:43 am - Reply

    Brand recognition definitely, because if the products are useful you will get the most out of them. On the other hand, its not always low cost. You have to evaluate how much is the cost of production and what will you get out of it to know is it really low cost.

  2. Derek Dewitt December 17, 2018 at 9:36 am - Reply

    I like your point about how promotional products can keep your brand front and center each day. I know I tend to use promotional products like water bottles or pens that I use each day. I can see why this would be an effective marketing strategy because the name is always right there in front of you.

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