Are You Prepared? Digital Marketing in 2019

>>Are You Prepared? Digital Marketing in 2019

Are You Prepared? Digital Marketing in 2019

Ready or not – 2019 is here. We’ll have to wait and see which digital marketing trends turn out to be game changers and which ones will dissolve in the mix, but it’s fun to make our predictions. Not to mention, being prepared for the latest trends keeps us ahead of the curve.

Below are five bold predictions about the future of digital marketing in 2019. Are you prepared to be prepared?

Facebook may have peaked.

Facebook is still the #1 social media platform in the U.S., but it’s best for an older audience. The number of American Facebook users aged 65 and older has doubled to 41%. For the younger demographics, Facebook continues to trend downwards. Only 35% of Facebook’s audience is under 25.  

If you have a younger audience that you market to, you might want to shift your attention over to Instagram. Facebook won’t mind, since they bought Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. Instagram is optimized for posting photos and videos, and it recently reached one billion users. It’s one of the most rapidly growing social media channels, especially among people under the age of 30.

Chatbots will become the new customer service.

Chatbots use specialized software to answer questions, clear up confusion and help customers complete their goals. There are numerous benefits to using chatbot software, which is why we expect to see this technology increase in 2019. Let’s look at a few examples.

  • They sound like humans. Chatbots are designed to interact with humans in a natural way. Text chat windows are most popular, but even verbal interactions are possible.
  • They are cost-effective. Many tasks can be accomplished through chatbots rather than humans. This allows businesses to run more efficiently and save their human resources for more important customer inquiries.
  • They are personalized. Chatbots deliver personalized information. For example, a chatbot can pull up a customer’s order history and tell them specific information about their purchase.
  • They are time-efficient. Rather than having to wait for a response, chatbots respond immediately and deliver fast, accurate information. This leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Brands will produce more low-budget videos.

YouTube is the most popular way to watch videos, but it’s not the only way. Video marketing is also popular on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon Video, Twitter and Snapchat. Videos accomplish several tasks in one. They are engaging and informative, and they capture your brand’s personality better than written content.

Expect to see brands producing more videos in 2019, primarily because it can be done on a smartphone. Here are a few tips to help you make awesome videos on a limited budget:

  • Keep your videos short
  • Use a smartphone and natural lighting
  • Use low-cost or free animation tools like Animatron Studio
  • Think about what you can do yourself (maybe you just need someone to do the editing, not the filming)
  • Take advantage of video creation tools like
  • Hire a video maker on the freelance site Fiverr (it can be more affordable than you think!)

Live video and influencer marketing will become the perfect duo.

Live video is just as important as regular video marketing, though it is a separate thing. Live streaming works best with influencer marketing, as an influencer can unveil your products or services while an audience watches. It’s a great way to draw real-time comments and deliver an authentic experience for viewers.

Just to clarify, you don’t need famous celebrities to try your products. Anyone that has a large, relevant and engaged audience is a candidate for influencer marketing. Check out this article on how to create a successful influencer marketing campaign. Successful campaigns always start with identifying your goals and choosing the appropriate channels.

Content will need to be optimized for voice search.

We can’t think about the future and not discuss voice interaction. Personal assistants like Siri and Alexa are becoming more mainstream. People love them because they are hands-free, helpful and just plain fun to use. A five-year-old can ask Alexa a hundred questions and she’ll never lose her patience.

As our society becomes more dependent on voice technology, expect your customers to search for your products and services using their voice. It will be up to you to create content that accommodates this way of browsing the internet. To be successful, you’ll need to use friendly, natural language that incorporates long tail keywords.

If you’re ready to fine tune your marketing skills, put these predictions on your radar. Only time will tell if they’re bound to be game changers or not, but we have a strong suspicion that they will.

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