How to Accomplish a Lot With a Small Team

>>How to Accomplish a Lot With a Small Team

How to Accomplish a Lot With a Small Team

Do you have a small team to work with? Consider yourself fortunate! In this post, we share tips on how to accomplish a lot with your small but powerful team.

You don’t need a big team to see big results. Small teams can be just as effective – sometimes even more so! With a small team, everyone stays focused and works well together. There is a smaller chance of hiding behind others, duplicating tasks, or miscommunicating expectations. By hiring individuals with niche-specific skill sets, your business can achieve greater results.

As a small, intimate team ourselves, we at NJAMA have a few tips to share with you. Together, we can build a solid, competent team that reaches your company’s top goals!

Make Training and Education Mandatory

You don’t necessarily need more workers to handle all work-related tasks. In many cases, employees can take on more responsibility if they understand the aspects of your business. How can they learn this? Through training and education workshops.

Let all employees see the inner workings of your business and how each role contributes to the greater good. This gets everyone on the same page and working together. It also allows employees to accept more responsibility, which is generally more favored than having a new person come in for training.

Delegate Your Teams – But Don’t Micromanage

Micromanagement is hot button topic in the working industry, but it’s understandable how these situations unfold. A company owner or CEO can have a hard time handing over tasks to others, and therefore, end up micromanaging everything. This is frustrating for the team and takes away from the responsibilities of the business owner.

In order for teams to reach their full potential, they need the room to do so. As a business owner, delegate. Don’t look over the shoulders of your employees. You’ll be much happier in the long run as you can use your time to increase brand exposure and seek new opportunities. That said, do make sure that your team is meeting its deadlines and budget.

Foster a Strong Company Culture

One of the perks to having a small team is that you know everyone. This makes it easier to build a strong company culture where everyone feels important and valued. Of course, don’t assume this is the case simply because you have a small team. Employees thrive off recognition, so consider some of the ways you can reward creative workers for a job well done.

The best approach is to break down big goals into small goals. As team members reach these goals, they can be rewarded with something of your choice. Here are a few reward incentive ideas – and they don’t have to cost your business anything!

  • Gift cards
  • Catered lunch
  • Extra break
  • Longer lunch break
  • Friday afternoon off
  • Bring pet or child to work day

Support Creative Thinking

As a smaller business, you have more flexibility in supporting creative thinking. You don’t have to do things by the book. With this in mind, find ways to support innovative brainstorming sessions.

If your small team makes up the bulk of your workforce, you don’t have to worry about them bothering other people in the office. Set up common areas for team members to connect. A few cozy chairs, a stocked refrigerator, task lighting, and tables are all you need to set up a venue. It’s hard to be creative sitting at a stale desk or monotone conference room all day, so this will be a breath of fresh air!  

Treat Your Team Right – and Have Fun

Don’t underestimate the value in being human. Your team members are people with homes, pets, children, and hobbies. They deserve to be treated as such, otherwise you run the risk of burning them out or making them resentful. Trust us, tired, resentful employees are not going to give you their full attention.

Aside from being aware of the work-life balance, also make time for having fun. Practice what you preach! Group events, team building activities, company picnics, holiday parties, etc. are all things you can do throughout the year to build stronger connections. It’s refreshing when you can step away from the office and let loose. When people are comfortable working together, they tend to break out of their comfort zones and produce greater results.

Believe it or not, it’s not difficult to accomplish a lot with a small team. A big team can be difficult to manage, and it’s hard to know everyone and their unique skill sets. Follow our tips above to facilitate stronger connections and get more from your small but mighty team.

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