How to Inspire Your Sales Team With Creative Content

>>How to Inspire Your Sales Team With Creative Content

How to Inspire Your Sales Team With Creative Content

Is your sales team using content to their advantage? Learn more about how to inspire your salespeople with content found online or through your own content marketing team.

Creating engaging content requires time and resources from your company. To ensure that these resources do not go to waste, it’s important to get your content into as many hands as possible.

If you’re like many companies, your content is posted to social media, your website, and your email newsletters. All of these avenues are effective at promoting content and delivering it to the right audience. However, your customers aren’t the only ones who have something to gain from your content. Your sales team does, too.

If you feel that your sales team is slow to adopt in-house and online content, here are some ways to change things around for the better.

Introduce New Content During Sales Meetings

In an earlier post, we covered the topic of meetings and how to get more out of them. Salespeople want fewer meetings with more value, so the best approach is to join these meetings and introduce helpful, relevant content. Your salespeople can use this information to be more effective closers, communicate well with prospects, and upsell their services.

In order to make this work, it’s best to sit through some of the meetings and understand the challenges salespeople face. Using this information, you can find and create content based on these pain points. When completed, the content can be shared at the next meeting and discussed with your sales team.

Create a Weekly Newsletter that Recaps Important Info

Discover the most engaging content using a sales enablement platform and include links to it in a newsletter. This way, your sales team will have the best content right in front of them. To make your newsletter more appealing, include a visual representation of the data (e.g., charts, graphs). Also, it’s helpful to offer a short overview of what the content is about and the main points you’re covering.

Another thing to include in a weekly newsletter is a success story. Do you have a salesperson who closed a sale with the help of content? Are any of your sales teams improving their numbers after reading a specific article? Identifying the most helpful content saves people from having to do the digging on their own.

Help Sales Teams See Where Content Fits Into the Buyer Journey

When salespeople work with a potential customer, moving them through the funnel is challenging. By integrating content into this approach, sales teams can be there to answer questions, clear up confusion, and explain things in more detail. Help your sales teams understand where content fits into the buyer journey and how to use it to their advantage.

In order to create content that your salespeople will find useful, you must understand the audience you are writing to. If you speak to a broad audience, you end up speaking to nobody in particular. Your sales teams can shed light on what the typical customer looks like, and from there, you can create content that is relevant to their needs.

Salespeople need all the tools they can get. By offering them a wide range of creative content, they can be inspired to reach out to prospects in all stages of the funnel.

Take Advantage of Unique Content Forms

If you find great content that is packed with information and visuals – webinars, slideshows, podcasts, videos, etc., – share them with your team. In fact, they can be included in a meeting or used in place of a meeting. Your employees will appreciate fresh approaches that come from digital marketing agencies in other regions.

If you have salespeople trying out new tactics learned in the content, ask them to share their experiences. This can start great conversations in meetings and help the rest of your team discover strategic sales approaches that have been tested and proven.

Include Your Salespeople in Your Own Content Creation

Your sales team talks with customers all day, so they have a fresh perspective on your audience. If you’re planning on creating your own content piece, such as an infographic, include them in the process. Even though salespeople are often looked at as the ones who close deals, they are part of a cohesive and structured process that includes the marketing team, the design team, and others.

There are many ways to keep your sales teams inspired with creative content. You can produce this content yourself or find it on the web. It’s an easy and effective way to get your salespeople thinking differently and landing new clients as a result.

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