AMA NJ Celebrates Women in Leadership

>>AMA NJ Celebrates Women in Leadership

AMA NJ Celebrates Women in Leadership

Although Women’s History Month has ended, the impact from a month full of amazing stories and experiences shared by women around the world leaves a feeling of inspiration and empowerment. The American Marketing Association of NJ joined in the celebrations with their Women in Leadership Panel and Networking on Thursday, March 28th. Held at the AVE apartments in Clifton, the nearly sold-out event had attendees from various professional backgrounds all interested in hearing from the three VIP’s of the night.

The Panelists

Christina Dasher, the panel’s moderator, is an Executive Marketing and Leadership Consultant. She has worked for over 15 years in Fortune 500 companies in the retail, fashion, luxury, and automotive industries. She will complete her Executive MBA from Rutgers Business School this spring.

Antonella Smith, CEO of Clear and Concise Marketing LLC, is an entrepreneur with a specialty in creating effective marketing solutions for her clients to help them grow. She has 20 years’ experience working in marketing and has managed her own teams in organizations that she has worked for.

Jackie Scott, Global Program Director of Rutgers Business School’s Executive Education Program, is the leader of a global team who helps their clients understand digital transformation and the implications for their business. She is responsible for building the RBSEE portfolio and expanding the reach of the brand around the world.

Women Leaders in Action

Following a brief networking session Lara Lukman, President of the AMA NJ chapter started the event with a message of empowerment and accountability. She stressed the importance of women supporting each other and pointing out inequality when confronted with it.

Christina then kicked off the panel with introductions and followed-up with topics about goals for a healthy work/life balance, managing new challenges in the workplace, visions for the future and advice for aspiring future leaders.

“If you feel like you’re in an aspect of marketing that’s not fitting, don’t wait 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years. Get the experience or refocus and move into the other area, because life is a journey and you will eventually get there.” Antonella advised the audience. Another memorable quote from Antonella was “Disrupt or be disrupted.” She used this message throughout the panel to emphasize the importance of constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves to ensure growth and success.

Christina also asked the panelist if there were any new or recent projects excited them. Jackie expressed great enthusiasm when describing a new Mini-MBATM program recently launched at Rutgers. The Intergenerational Leadership program teaches students how to navigate a new concept of a diverse workplace, “Intergenerational Leadership, which is fascinating to me because for the first time in history we have these 5 different generations all working in the workplace. So, this is really modern diversity when you think about it. How do you get the best of people, power by inclusion when you have Traditionalists, and Baby Boomers, and Gen-X, and Gen-Y, and Gen-Z all working in the same [place]?”

By the end of the panel, there was a clear emphasis on the need for women to empower and support each other to continue making positive change and create more equality in the workplace. Jackie explains, “I believe every woman has power, but together we have impact…When we amplify each other, and we harness the power of collaboration, we can change the equation. I think as individuals, there are 3 things we can do…#1 Amplify each other… Talk to other people within the organization about her, give her some visibility…Be strong enough in yourself that you can support others.”

AMA NJ continues to bring marketers together to connect, inform and advance. To be a part of this dynamic organization, make sure to attend our upcoming events:

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