Worth It? The ROI of Super Bowl Ads

>>Worth It? The ROI of Super Bowl Ads

Worth It? The ROI of Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl LIII is here and enthusiasm for the commercials continues to grow, although many advertisers have debated and tried to best quantify the return on investment of today’s Super Bowl ad.

Research suggests that, while investing in one Super Bowl commercial may not directly increase sales, these commercials generate “brand lift” by increasing brand recognition.

That’s because the Super Bowl in its essence has become a brand itself.

For 53 years, Americans have come together to watch the big game or – quite possibly – they’ve come together to watch the commercials. The Super Bowl is the single biggest event where consumers do not immediately scroll through their phones during the commercials. Viewers are not trying to avoid ads at all costs, but – in fact – they actually want to watch the commercials, viewing them as entertainment. This perception has steadily held true for years.

With roughly 104 million live viewers and more than 2.5 million tweets, there is no single event that attracts more viewership and post-event chatter. A commercial is on consumers’ minds well after the game ends and even generates buzz before.

That’s why many brands run Super Bowl ads, and many consistently advertise year after year – with spend rising consistently upwards to $400 million. According to Neilson Media, the cost of a commercial spot during Super Bowl I in 1967 ranged from $37,500 to $42,500. Today, one 30-second spot averages $5 million.

While food and beverage, automotive and other consumer-facing brands may have the most relevance during the Super Bowl, any brand looking to build awareness may find that a Super Bowl commercial may be worth the spend.

Do you think a Super Bowl commercial is worth its hefty price tag? How must the networks evolve to keep the Super Bowl the crowning glory of advertising? Leave a comment below!

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