Our Mission

To provide unique opportunities that increase knowledge, build professional skills and connect people with the largest marketing community in the world.

 How We Do It

  • We Inform
    • By providing our members and guests with resources and educational content that enhance their career and professional development
  • We Connect
    • By providing our members and our guests with networking opportunities that help them build relationships that last
  • We Advance
    • By promoting/supporting marketing best practices

Our Core Values

  • We promote the highest standard of professional ethical norms and values for our members (practitioners, academics and students)
  • We respond to our members with programming and services they value.
  • We maintain a culture of accountability, responsiveness, and performance
  • We respect diversity and value the opinions and rights of others
  • We encourage and promote critical thinking and informed opinion
  • We strive to optimize all resources for efficiency and effectiveness.