Position Zero and Featured Snippets

Position Zero and Featured Snippets

Getting on top of the search page on Google Search Engine is the priority of every digital marketing professional. In the dynamic world of Search Engine Optimization, there is one more spot to be apart from being on the top of the page – Position Zero!

What is Position Zero?

Position zero is the information Google offers at the very top of the search results. Position zero is also called the featured snippet, and is exactly that: a featured snippet of content that directly answers a search query.

Why should a marketer prefer targeting Position Zero/ Featured Snippets?

Position Zero puts you above the top of search results and thus gives the user an idea about what the page content is, how useful the info is and motivates the user to click on the link thus getting more traffic on the webpage. However, the click through rate for the first three position below position zero is high too. Morever, Position zero helps to create brand awareness and improve brand visibility by providing better answers to the search query of the user.

How do you get to Position Zero?

There is a tough brand competition to reach position zero. Here are few tips that can help you reach position zero –

Right Keywords and Phrases – Make sure to pick the right / most searched keywords and phrases on your webpage to receive maximum clicks. There are few keywords listed which are considered to the best for SEO. Long-tail keywords and phrases or sentences with questions tend to be more successful.

Right Content – Not all the content you have on the webpage are eligible for position zero. Pages with objective information like questions related to latest news, finances, processes, health related, operational topics receive priority over other topics. Your content should be ‘best of’ the list and also have good reviews help achieve the desired results.

Right promotions – Not only do you have to create right content but to also make sure that the content is published on social media platforms, blogs, link building and any other off-site medium so that the chances of visibility becomes higher. It is also recommended to set-up as many top ranking pages as possible to be eligible for position zero

SEO is all about right content. Position Zero and Featured Snippet have been the latest feature introduced by Google and has been ruling the SEO world for now. Making the most of your content and using effective SEO strategies can definitely help a Brand move ahead in the competition

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