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Spending Power: How Millennials Are Changing the Way Goods Are Marketed

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Move over, baby boomers. Millennials now represent the largest sector of U.S. consumers and will soon account for more than half of the population. Businesses that ignore millennial shoppers are

4 Reasons Why Promotional Products Should Be In Your Marketing Strategy

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Think back to a time when you took home a promotional item. What was it? Where did you receive it? How did it make you feel? Promotional products are like

Why You Should Focus On Direct-To-Consumer Marketing

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The direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model focuses on selling products directly to consumers as opposed to department stores, boutiques, and retailers. With this model, the middlemen are cut out so that

What Is Data Mining and How Does It Influence Decision Making?

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Data mining is used to extract relevant data from a larger set of raw data. The purpose is to look for patterns, correlations and anomalies that can predict future outcomes.

How to Overcome These 4 Pitfalls of Social Media Marketing

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Reaching your audience is made easier with social media marketing. But, there are things to watch for. Discover four common pitfalls and how to avoid them. Social media marketing is

The Importance of a Strong Marketing and Web Relationship

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How well does your marketing and web teams work together? Discover the importance of a strong marketing and web relationship and how it benefits your clients. Just as there needs