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3 AMA Pathways to Empower Your Career in Marketing

The scope of marketing is quite promising, the 2024 marketing world comes with an exciting blend of technology and human-centric approaches. Staying abreast of the current trends and upskilling is the best way to sustain and survive in this ever-evolving digital era.

Given the dynamics of technology, consumer behavior, and market trends, marketing is still gaining its scope and a hot career choice. With marketing becoming a coveted career in recent times, its landscape is getting fiercely competitive. It depends on how effectively you can navigate the marketing journey and establish a clear road map to success. This article examined the opportunities that the AMA can provide and the links to resources to plan your career.

Three essential elements for a complete marketer’s career profile

Three elements for marketing career

Marketing is now more than mere product promotion and meeting sales targets; it involves finding new ways to enhance growth and optimize current standings. As an individual, it is important to take charge of your career and seize opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations.

Developing the skills, experience, and network is the key to achieving professional growth. It is important to understand your strengths and weaknesses and create a flexible road map to achieve your vision and mission.

1. Possessing relevant skills

Exceling from the current role to getting ready for future opportunities calls for focusing on your skills. Adaptability to the job environment is attained through continuous learning. You need to stay curious, explore, and learn new tools, techniques, and trends. Make use of dedicated marketing associations like AMA, taking advantage of their member offers as well as utilizing their free resources

Enroll in marketing courses and certifications to improve your solid knowledge base. If you want to improve your skills with AMA resources and become a member, you can join here!

2. Look beyond job titles and salaries

Investing in gaining hands-on experience provides invaluable opportunities and insights that cannot be obtained from education alone. Applying your knowledge in real-time scenarios helps you to develop your practical knowledge, learn from mistakes, adapt, and iterate based on the outcomes. 

Building a portfolio and getting experience is valuable and can be done through internships, freelance projects, personal initiatives, and volunteering. It not only adds to your confidence but also exhibits tangible evidence of your abilities.

Volunteering with organizations like AMA that align with your values and interests, is a great way to gain expert-led marketing experience. Experimenting with different roles with AMA helps you have better clarity to set your career goals and preferences. Being in the volunteer groups of organizations like AMA helps you develop leadership and teamwork skills. Volunteer Leaders of AMA manage their operations at more than 70 local AMA Professional Chapters across North America to support the communities. 

Find current volunteer opportunities if you consider Volunteering at AMA New Jersey.

3. Networking to advance your career

Networking with AMA opens doors to new opportunities, mentorships, and professional development resources. This facilitates building and nurturing peer groups, access to job referrals, collaborative projects, and exploring job opportunities. Engaging with mentors and receiving feedback from them widens the scope of career development with valuable insights and guidance.

AMA helps individuals maximize their career potential and achieve career fulfillment by providing support in career planning. Career advice centers around crafting resumes and cover letters that assist individuals in navigating through their career challenges. If you experience layoff and need a career transition, glance at this article to overcome the situation with top tips and strategies.

Another best way to enhance your career growth with AMA is by attending industry events such as webinars and conferences. Through webinars and conferences, AMA brings together industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners in the marketing field. This enables you to enhance your marketing skills and stay up-to-date with the marketing trends as AMA acts as a hub offering a wealth of knowledge, networking opportunities, and inspiration to career and job seekers.


Make the most use of resources provided by AMA, reach us here to connect with like-minded professionals to expand your knowledge and explore opportunities as you strategize your next career move.

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