Events & Programming at AMA New Jersey

Professionals at every career stage turn to AMA NJ for programming that inspires, informs and engages people across industries and across the Garden State.

We host virtual events and in-person activities designed to help you grow your network and your knowledge base. And whether that happens as we take a museum tour in the Metaverse or navigate the intersection of digital and direct marketing in real life, we aim to make it worth your while to participate.

Upcoming Events

Jun 19

Bell Works

Mixing it up with AMA New Jersey

Making the most of your precious time.

Your time and attention are among your most precious assets. We want to make the most of it by helping you advance your career, make new connections, and learn to do new things. From seminars to social gatherings, we tackle a wide range of marketing topics in our time together.

Topics in recent years include:

  • Career coaching
  • Experiential marketing and augmented reality
  • Shifts in public relations and social media
  • CX/UX
  • Storytelling through scent and taste
  • Innovative marketing for healthcare, consumer goods
  • College marketing/PR case studies and completions
  • Emerging trends in higher education marketing
  • Advances in market research and data analytics
  • Personal and professional branding
  • Event management and marketing
  • DEI
  • AI
  • Marketing technology

Most of all, we have fun! If you enjoy meeting new people, exchanging ideas and broadening your perspective, join us for an AMA NJ program. Follow us on Eventbrite and make plans to participate!

(Also, we are always open to ideas, speakers, and new experience. Feel free to drop us a line if you have ideas.)

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