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9 Tricks to Ghostwrite Effectively

Big ideas, but no time to tell the world about them? Cue ghostwriters. Ghostwriters apply the art of storytelling to advance someone else’s brand and possibly their career – all behind the scenes.

Executive Communications

By thoughtfully translating an executive’s expertise through a carefully-crafted narrative backed by sound research, ghostwriters frequently help fuel marketing’s content engine in visionary ways.

Yet, when ghostwriting for an executive, he or she must be more than an extension of the brand. The value add comes from showcasing perspective, which could be a differentiator in today’s information-overload media landscape, where news and advertisements dilute our inboxes and social feeds daily.

So, if you want to ghostwrite, how do you move forward positioning someone as a top voice in the industry?

With more than 61 million senior level influencers and 40 million decision-makers, LinkedIn – where you have the audience and freedom to develop user-generated content – is a good place to start.

Tips to Get Started

Once you start, here are 9 things to consider to get your first piece off the ground:

  1. Focus on value over volume – get to the point, and don’t dilute your article with jargon
  2. Bullets and lists are your friend
  3. Graphs, videos and images are too
  4. Invest time in research – back your opinions up with subject matter expertise and published reports
  5. Quote an expert – even top executives have role models they aspire to
  6. Develop a unique viewpoint that educates and informs the audience
  7. Provide anecdotes – articles should be relatable
  8. Ask questions – the reader should be inspired
  9. Diversify content – establish a robust editorial plan that is flexible based on emerging trends

What Next?

Stay tuned for my next blog post on how to get your article in front of the right audience.

Author: Laura Schneebacher

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