#BrandBowl: We’re here for the commercials

BrandBowl: We’re here for the commercials

The Kansas City Chiefs may have won the match, but which brand won the hearts of the nearly 100 million people watching the game last night? See team AMA New Jersey’s recap of the most praise-worthy commercials aired during Super Bowl LIV. And incase you missed it, click below to watch AdWeek’s 2 minute Super Bowl ad mashupfrom Groundhog Day to the birth of Baby Nut.

Girl Power

“I loved the Girl Power themes seen throughout many of the commercials. Katie Sowers for President!” –Mari Considine, AMA NJ President

“Olay completely missed the mark with their #MakeSpaceForWomen commercial. The style/tone was off-brand and appeared to belittle their intended purpose. Also, “$1 for each tweet” is overplayed and oldnews—just donate the money to the cause ahead of time and you’ll get better publicity. Overall, it was a bit cringe-worthy.” —Cassandra Boyce, VP of Communications


“NFL 100 commercial ad was a great opening to the show. It definitely grabbed my attention and kept it. I like that the kids came out at the end.” –Felecia Anson, Social Media Specialist


“My favorite by far was the Google Loretta commercial. Google was able to make technology human and consumer-centric. Bravo!” –Mari, AMA NJ President

“I may have watched Google’s Loretta commercial the day before the Super Bowl but that didn’t make it any less impactful–I was bawling within 5 seconds. For me, this was the best commercial of the night, perfectly tugging on people’s heartstrings while showing how Google products help everyday people in everyday situation. ” —Cassandra, VP of Communications


“Lil Nas vs. Sam Elliott?! Old Town Road with cameo from Billy Ray Cyrus? Doritos’ Cool Ranch Dance was perfectly crafted for Super Bowl audiences.” –Cassandra, VP of Communications

“There were so many crossover commercials – Tide with Bud Light, Planters with Mr. Clean and Kool-Aid Man, Sabra with Chester Cheetah. I was a bit surprised to discover that monocle-wearing, old-fashioned gentleman Mr. Peanut and clumsy, “bull in a china shop” Kool-Aid Man are friends, who knew?” —Mari, AMA NJ President

Pepsi commercial featuring H.E.R and Missy Elliott was awesome! It was Modern and edgy with a great creative visual. Plus it featured 2 very talented musicians! Yes, paint it black! Good job Pepsi!”–Felecia, Social Media Specialist

“My third favorite is the Amazon Alexa commercial. It was hilarious putting a comedic spin to what we currently do.”–Felecia, Social Media Specialist

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Author: Cassandra Boyce

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