Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Next Brand Video

Step by Step Guide to Crafting Your Next Brand Video

Whether you’re creating a video to promote your company’s mission, or you’re creating a “How-To” video for your clients, it’s important to follow certain steps to know where you should begin when crafting your next brand video.

To alleviate some of the concerns you may have, we’ve outlined three simple steps to help you achieve success.

Step 1: Outline Your Video Goals

It’s important that before you start with creating any type of video, you need to think about what goals you want to accomplish in your video. According to an article from Columfivemedia, to start, answer these questions:

  • Why do I want to tell this story?
  • What’s my angle?
  • Who will be watching this?
  • What should they take away from this?
  • Why will they care about this story?
  • What value will this provide? 

“From there, you can compile a bulleted list of what you plan to cover (This is a bare-bones compilation of needs, not wants. Once you have these you can start to flesh out your narrative outline.”

Step 2:  Understand Your Viewer

Sometimes, it’s best to put yourself in the shoes of your viewers in order to see what your brand looks like from the outside. Understanding your target market and the audience that you are catering to will really help you create a worthwhile brand video. An article from Just Creative states that, “A good way to do that is to visualize your ideal client: age, class, male/female, lifestyle, hobbies, location and so on. It is really important to have the right buyer persona in mind when developing your content marketing plan. Your audience will also shape and ultimately define the tone of your brand. “

Step 3: Use the Proper Tone

Using the right tone is also another important element when crafting your own brand video. Tone is all about the attitude that you are presenting. Setting the right tone can go a long way.

When crafting your video, ask yourself these questions suggested by Ydraw to decide on the tone of your video:

  1. What prior marketing campaigns have been the most successful and what tone did they take?
  2. What type of tone will your target consumer be most responsive to?
  3. What tone will best represent your vision for your business and how you want to be perceived?

Crafting your next brand video can be a fun and exciting project but there are always ways that you can stay ahead of the game. Consider following these few steps and you’ll be well on your way to producing a high-quality brand video.

Author: Laci Johnson

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