VOlunteer Position

Assistant Vice President, Membership

About the role:

Reports to: VP, Membership


  • Collaborates with the VP, Membership to create and implement a strategy for member recruitment, retention, and engagement
  • Assists VP, Membership with recruiting, managing, and supporting the volunteers on Membership Committee
  • Attends AMA NJ events to network with attendees and recruits new members by communicating member benefits
  • Collaborates with the Communications Committee to create targeted member communications for new, existing, and expiring members
  • Creates and maintains an active member engagement program to build relationships with new and existing members
  • Personalizes the membership experience through individual outreach campaigns and creative recruitment strategies
  • Collaborates with the Business Intelligence Committee to identify areas for improvement in membership and member expectations

Time commitment and reporting requirements:

  • Serves approximately 4-8 hours per month, depending on the time of year
  • Assists VP with overseeing volunteers on the Talent Management Committee
  • Collaborates with VP to create committee goals and KPI’s
  • Attends a minimum of 3 chapter events and programs (free or discounted price)
  • Attends monthly board meetings and reports out on progress (if VP of committee is unavailable)
  • Lead/attend and organize weekly or biweekly committee calls/meetings and provide committee reports (day/time determined by VP and AVP)


Contact our VP and AVP of Leadership, Experience, and Development (LEAD) to learn more about this role!
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