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1,2,3… Amplify!

Last month, I shared 9 tricks for ghostwriting effectively. I wrote about how ghostwriters can help advance a person’s big ideas by sharing them with others – and sharing is the key word here. If you spend time writing content, you want people (the right audience) to see it.

Content seeding can help.

Here are three quick tips to amplify your articles:

  1. Identify relevant national and trade publications to share your content by suggesting they repost your article on their blogs, websites and in email marketing efforts – they’ll likely be thrilled to receive content.
  2. Share your articles as a longform post on LinkedIn and across your other social media channels – do diligent hashtag research, and your network (and others) will take notice.
  3. Leverage social media influencers – establish relationships with other industry experts to help promote your content, and help them promote theirs. Next time you write something, try to see if you can get your content to work harder for you by following these 3 easy steps.

Author: Laura Schneebacher

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