3 Key Benefits of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

3 Key Benefits of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

With advances in the digital market, it’s easy to overlook the value of trade shows. Below are some key benefits of investing your time and money into exhibiting at a trade show: 

Establishing New Business at Trade Shows

Did you know that around 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority? This means that mostof the people walking the show floor are potential customers. Have you recently had updates to your products, or changed your messaging and branding? This is a great way to get these updates in front of the eyes of those with buying power. If you don’t get the chance to sell your products directly or close a deal at the show, you will still have good opportunities to follow up with these potential buyers who showed interest after the show. 

Face-to-Face Interaction with Clients

Human interaction builds a trust and rapport with clients that emails and phone conversations cannot. If you have never met some of your clients in person, offer them an incentive like a discount or giveaway to come meet you at your show. Establishing this face-to-face connection will also be valuable in the future if they are thinking about coming back and buying from your company again. 

Chance to Launch or Showcase New Products

While showcasing your new products or services on your website is beneficial, there is something powerful and personal about potential prospects seeing your product in person. If you are planning to launch, demo, or showcase a brand-new product at your show, this is a great opportunity to use pre-show promotion to tease the launch and draw attendees into your booth.  

Don’t forget to do your research on which trade shows are a good fit for your company’s goals and objectives. Need help with a small component of your trade show program – or from start to finish? Reach out to Skyline New Jersey and we will get the ball rolling!

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