Booth Staffing Etiquette at Your Next Trade Show

Booth Staffing Etiquette at Your Next Trade Show

The number one goal for 90% of trade show exhibitors is to gain quality leads, and this can be done successfully if you select the right team members to staff your booth. Here are a few booth staffing etiquette tips to ensure that your lead generation goals are met: 

Greeting, Position, and Body Language 

Make sure your booth staffers are standing in the front corners of your booth, this will allow them to catch attendees right as they are walking by. Use inviting body language and have your booth staffers standing straight up with a smile – a little goes a long way!

No Food or Drink

This is something that can often be overlooked when training your booth staff but can make a huge difference. Imagine being in a meeting and having the presenter start snacking on a bag of chips, not the best look. The same goes for your booth staff! If your staffers get hungry during the show, give them a short break in a private area of your booth, instead of having them eat in front of attendees.

Dress to Impress

You’ll want to communicate an appropriate dress code with your team before the show. If you are aiming for a professional look, make sure your booth staffers understand what that means. If you are looking to have matching branded t-shirts, have them match your branding message within your trade show booth. Don’t forget a pair of comfortable shoes!

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Staff Roles

Many exhibitors think that sending all their salespeople will help them gain the most quality leads. Although you will want to send some of your sales team, you want to cover all your bases. Here are a few other team members to think about bringing to help staff your booth:  


This staff member will be responsible for greeting attendees coming into your booth (remembering to smile). Greeters can also scan badges, schedule meetings, or direct people to a staffer who can answer their questions.

Product Expert

There is most likely going to be a case where an in-depth question is asked about your product or service. Having a product expert staffing your booth will help with answering these questions immediately with ease, rather than having someone else follow-up with the answer later.  

Social Media / Marketing Guru

Do you plan to post on social media during the show, or update your website after a launch? Have a social media/marketing specialist come along to focus on this updating! 


If you plan to give a presentation or demo in your booth, bring the team member that feels the most comfortable with public speaking and will keep a crowd entertained and engaged. 

After you choose your booth staff and communicate proper etiquette, make sure you are clear about expectations and goals for your trade show. If you have any other questions about booth staffing, reach out to Skyline New Jersey today!

Author: Skyline Exhibits New Jersey

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