3 Steps to Create a Stand Out Trade Show Exhibit

3 Steps to Create a Stand Out Trade Show Exhibit

If you’re feeling tired of your same old exhibit, odds are that the people walking by will be bored of it too. Stand out from the crowd by offering what other exhibitors aren’t! 

Offer a Giveaway or Incentive

Giveaways are a simple way to attract attendees into your booth, if you do it correctly. Most trade show attendees usually walk away from a trade show booth with branded pends that often end up in the trash. If you are looking for giveaway items that will make attendees remember your booth and branding message, make sure they are items that they will actually use. Branded portable phone chargers, flash drives and reusable water bottles are a few ideas that can make a big splash and will have other attendees asking where they got them. If your budget allows, offer a high-end item for a prize drawing that will make it nearly impossible for your booth guests to forget your company. If you would rather offer an incentive like a discount, reach out to prospects or existing customers before the show to get them excited to visit your booth for this reason! 

Incorporate a Game

Throwing business cards into a fishbowl is a way to receive attendee contact information but will not help you measure the quality of these leads. Incorporating a fun and interactive game into your exhibit will help increase your brand awareness, while also generating higher quality leads. If an attendee is engaging more with your brand, this likely translates to more interest in your company. 

Give Product Demonstrations

If your product or service allows you to demonstrate how it works, incorporate a demo station into your booth. You’ll want booth guests to stay from start to finish, so add interactive elements that will help them engage with the product and the demo. Allow them to test or take a close look at your product for a more personal experience. 

Don’t forget to promote your trade show presence! While creating any of these offerings and experiences will be beneficial to your exhibiting, you will want to keep attendees ‘in the know’ before your event. Create a series of email blasts to send out before the show to promote what you will be offering in your booth, use social media frequently to promote your presence, or send personal mailers to your clients and prospects.

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