AMA New Jersey Member Feature: Luis Lebron

AMA New Jersey Member Feature: Luis Lebron

Luis is a Global Campaigns Manager at LiveU – a high-quality live video streaming to TV, mobile, online and social media. He is well-versed in identifying market trends and customer needs to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. His expertise includes marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, consumer demographic research, and keyword utilization. He implements new marketing automation systems and analyzes online consumer behavior and seasonal trends to choose the best mix of tactics to build brand awareness or generate leads. He leads the team in preparing and executing major regional trade shows in the Broadcast and Online markets, including NAB and TwitchCon.

If you had to create a slogan for yourself, what would it be?

My slogan would be – be engaged. It has to do a lot with marketing, but also just life itself. In marketing, if you want to engage your audience with what you are feeding them, you have to be engaged with your audience as well. You have to know what they want and what they want to see. At the same time, you should learn to have fun with what you’re doing. If you are really engaged and try to hit certain goals, you need to put 100% into it and give yourself the best chance to achieve those goals.

Tell us something about your professional journey in the field of marketing.

I graduated in 2017. With my marketing experience, I got hired right out of college, and I’ve been with the same company ever since. So, really …I’ve just worked at one place, and it’s in-house. The cool thing about it is that I got to do so many different things that have to do with marketing. I’ve been involved in content creation, tradeshow management, marketing automation, and others. To me, marketing is all about automation and tracking campaigns, making sure the customer journey is flowing as planned or leads are getting put into our CRM, and making sure emails go to the right list.

If you could instantly learn any skill as a marketer, what would it be?

I would have to say, design skills. Whenever I’m creating an email or landing page, I know exactly what I want to say and get the visitor to convert. But when it comes to making it look pretty, I’m not too good at it. So, I’ve been able to get by just using whatever free templates available by changing the wording and stuff to make it for what I need. But I think design is one skill I should have. I want to learn it.

Why did you get involved with the AMA-New Jersey chapter? Why is this organization important to you?

I was first introduced to AMA-New Jersey when I was in college. One of my teachers recommended that I get involved with it. It was when the New Jersey chapter started, if I’m not mistaken. I used this platform as a baseline for me to know what to expect from the marketing world. I was still in college, and I did not know anyone in the marketing field then. So AMA-New Jersey helped me get an idea of the industry and what to expect once I get into the professional world. That was in the beginning, but now I feel the AMA=New Jersey helps me network with other marketers, understand different industries, and meet with people with different experiences than myself. It allows me to stay current with the marketing trends. So, I look to the AMA for a lot of information to stay up to date and keep my network active. The AMA is beneficial for younger professionals, whether it’s people just looking for their first job or a second job or building a network for professional growth.

Which social media platform is your favorite? And why?

My personal favorite is Reddit. Just because it has a lot, you could ask for. There are not many people who say too many bad things because other people would give you a downvote and stuff like that. So I think it’s cool. For marketing, Reddit is probably not the best place to promote your brand unless that’s where your audiences. I would say the best platform for marketing has to be Facebook just because there are so many people out there. There are other platforms too, but I think Facebook has the best broad audience.

If someone wants to connect with you, what is the best way to reach out to you on social media?

You can reach me at

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