Five Reasons to Work With Influencers

Five Reasons to Work With Influencers

Influencer marketing predates social media. The first instance can be traced back as far as 1760, when a tea set was gifted to the Queen of England by Wedgwood. They then marketed the brand by saying that it had “royal” approval. This gave it a luxury and high-end status, at minimal expense. Today, of course, the word “influencer” has a very different meaning. Studies have found that 66% of brands use mid-level influencers, 59% opt for micro-influencers, and 44% prefer macro-influencers. No wonder, the value of this market has doubled between 2019 and 2021, reaching $13.8 billion from $6.5 billion.

The fact is that working with influencers can be a hugely effective marketing strategy. It is growing quicker than digital advertisement. Here are the top advantages of partnering with known faces on the internet.

1. Trust and Credibility

Today’s consumer trusts real people over advertisements. So, they are more likely to listen to the opinions and suggestions of influencers. This is especially true if you pick the right influencer, who has already established themselves as experts in a specific niche. You can ask them to help with promoting sponsored posts, contests, branded content and product reviews, and even sign them on as brand ambassadors. Insights and positive comments from them can boost purchase intent among your customer base. It creates an impression that the brand is genuine and trustworthy. People will be more likely to check out your offering when it is recommended by an influencer they trust.

2. Relevant Audience

The right influencer gets your message across to your target demographic. You do not have to spend a huge amount on testing the audience either. For instance, the famous collaboration between Nike and the living legend Michael Jordan was a turning point for the brand. It helped Nike trigger sales from its target audience. Similarly, adidas gained the attention of the general audience via micro-influencers. This passed on the message that the brand is for everyone.

3. Better Sales Leads

People tend to pay attention to what influencers have to say. This can drive better social media and website traffic. It starts a conversation with potential customers, which you can then take forward and convert into sales. However, consider an influencer’s niche, audience, and engagement before collaborating with them. Study the way they excite, engage, and drive audience traffic for the best results.

4. Easy on Your Pocket

Influencer marketing is more effective when done with micro-influencers, rather than celebrities. This is because famous personalities have a huge generic following that might not convert as easily. Also, they are known for their paid endorsement. Their charges also tend to be sky-high. But smaller influencers can offer a bang for your buck. Their followers are more focused and engaged. They are also more willing to listen to the influencer’s opinion. You can negotiate with the influencer to offer a percentage of the sales made with their code, besides the base rate to encourage better performance.

5. Access to Gen Z and Millennials

These two demographics spend more time on social media than any other generation. They also make up the largest percentage of consumers today. Working with influencers offers an effective way to connect with this young audience. They appreciate authentic experiences. Your ads and campaigns are likely to achieve better results if they find that your beliefs are aligned with theirs. This is where influencers can help.

It is easy to purchase online followers that match the influencer’s niche. It means the account does not target a particular audience. This could adversely impact your marketing efforts. So, do your research before you finalize a collaboration.

Author: SEMGeeks

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