How Artificial Intelligence Redefines the Marketing Landscape

How Artificial Intelligence Redefines the Marketing Landscape

Artificial intelligence is a core digital marketing element of large firms and start-ups. They go hand-in-hand for several good reasons. Businesses can engage with the audience in a more meaningful and highly personalized manner. It can help with predictive analysis and decision making and improve automated tasks like traffic tracking. Findings from a 2021 survey by McKinsey & Company indicate that AI adoption continues to rise since 56% of respondents report AI adoption for at least one function in their company which is up from 50% in 2020.

An instance of how AI truly acts as a game change – online retailers can enhance customer experience by letting them ‘try’ a product without stepping into the trial room. This can ensure a great purchase while the brand comes across as reliable and convenient. AI is a fast-moving industry and not leveraging the same can keep you way behind competitors. Here’s how AI can blend into your marketing strategies and supercharge your efforts.

⮚ Email Campaigns

Irrespective of business size, a proper email newsletter with appropriate content, welcome emails, subject line CTA and a recognizable layout can give your brand the right direction. AI technology can further ensure high-end customization with data-driven metrics like browsing habits, previous purchases and buyer interests. Tailor-made emails for individual subscribers will boost open and click rates and hence might increase your revenue. You can implement AI for smart segmentation, removing inactive contacts, optimizing the sending time and fine-tuning the audience targeting.

⮚ Smart Bidding to Optimize Google Ads

Artificial intelligence and machine learning come together to make predictions based on objectives, keywords and a number of other variables. It can boost conversions and conversion value for every auction with a feature called ‘auction-time bidding’. The automatic bidding system helps get better results out of your ads by improving visibility and reaching a greater number of audiences at a lower cost. This is profitable for all kinds of businesses, big or small. You can use reporting tools like reports, drafts and experiments, strategy statuses, alerts and notifications for a deeper insight into your performance.

⮚ Content Marketing

Include AI and ML in content tools. It becomes a lot easier to plan, create, analyze and distribute while improving the quality of the blogs and articles. Artificial intelligence can pull together critical data on different readers and curate valuable pieces. This is usually done by predicting the behavior of the customers. The brand can now grow without manually writing emails or reports and expect repeat customers for your products. For example:

● Helps in a relevant topic generation and preparing first drafts based on provided parameters to carve an end-to-end content strategy.

● Curates custom content for the social media feed of your customers.

● Recommends SEO strategies for more valuable content.

● Suggests content that aligns with trending subjects via Google Trends.

Users are likely to interact and engage better. Content marketers can focus on writing instead of spending time on research or analysis. You can stay up to date in today’s digital dominant world even without a team of individuals by finding appropriate keywords and data reviewing that can change your content writing game.

⮚ Authentic Conversational Experience

Studies have found that 40% of all millennials engage with bots regularly. They can help in seamless live communication and assure 24×7 availability. Conversing like a human and enhancing efficiency is what makes them a vital part of a business portfolio. No wonder the chatbot market was valued at $17.17 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach $102.29 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 34.7% between 2021 and 2026. You can expect faster internal processing, better introvert customer interaction and then take actionable steps to address pain points to offer high-quality services. Set up your chatbot by beginning with a conversation starter to classify the customer, using lead capture tools to qualify the user and then directing the user to the appropriate team member.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the digital marketing landscape in more ways than one. Connect with experienced professionals who can take your business to new heights by leveraging AI to drive profits.

By Seanna Iraci 

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