How to Write Shareable Content

How to Write Shareable Content

Everyday consumers are constantly exposed to multiple sources of content. Social media platforms such as Instagram expose users to photos, YouTube to videos, Twitter to news articles, Snapchat to consumer stories, websites to blog articles, and Facebook to all of the above. With such an influx of content across a never-ending list of online platforms, how do we create content that consumers want to read and pass on? How to write shareable content?

Understanding your audience is key to developing shareable content. Knowing who your viewers are, what are their interests, and what they are looking for helps you to curate content that is geared towards them. For example, if your audience is comprised of sports-minded individuals, they may be more inclined to click on a sports-related article as opposed to an article in an unrelated field. However, it’s content that users find relatable, informative, or entertaining that get shared.

Below are some ways to write content that grabs the reader’s attention and entices them to share.

how to create shareable content

Take a Survey

Create a survey for your audience. In the survey, ask questions that would help you identify what they are interested in viewing. Also, ask them questions that will help you learn about their background as well. For example, if most of your audience is into health and fitness, they may be more interested in content that is related to those categories. Curate content that discusses new healthier options or workouts to keep them fit.  As a result, the chances of them sharing the content with friends and family also interested in those categories are more likely.

If you’re a blog writer, compose a list of topics that you think your audience would be interested in and provide them with a survey that asks their preferences. Brands can also do a survey using social media. For example, as a brand manager if you are indecisive between two digital marketing photos to represent your next product, create a survey on Instagram asking customers to pick their most favorable one. This type of engagement can get people talking about your product and may make it buzz-worthy enough for them to share and get feedback from their friends and family.

Conduct a Market Trend Analysis

Consumers want to view content that is new and interesting. The best way to find out what is trending in different markets and areas of the world is to conduct a market trend analysis. This will help you identify up and coming new products, places and ideas that will give you new and interesting content to write. There are many tools such as Mintel that can help you identify what’s trending in the market and BuzzSomo that can show you high performing content. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter also have a section that shows you trending topics. Find out what people are talking about and create relevant content surrounding those buzz-worthy topics.

good content tells a story.

Be Creative

Creativity can capture a person’s attention. If they find the content interesting enough it may also hold the person’s attention and entice them to share. There are many ways you can develop creative content such as developing your storytelling skills. People want to read content that they have a connection too and that is relatable. Once you have developed an interesting storyline, tie it in with the visuals and videos to make your content creative.

Use Visuals and videos as a supplement to your content. Be sure to add visuals that represent your content well and are engaging to the reader to look at. Videos are also a great option to include, but make sure it stands out, it’s interesting and appealing. The key is to make it creative so that they don’t want to watch it but also pass it along.

Offer a Reward or Incentive

One way to create shareable content is to write one that offers a reward. Retailers can benefit from this idea by stating at the end of their article, blog, or video to share it and the first few will get a percentage off coupon. Furthermore, a brand manager can give the first few readers who share it a sample of their next product to launch. Consumers like to receive rewards and it also helps companies and brands to increase their exposure to other viewers as well.

useful content is shareable content

Write Useful Content

Shareable content is either relatable, inspiring, educational and entertaining. Your audience wants to read a piece that resonates with who they are and what they believe in (relatable). They also want to read an article that inspires or encourages a new experience or venture (inspiring). Furthermore, content that teaches them about their business, hobbies, and interest (educational). Lastly, something that provides enjoyment (entertaining). Find out which one of these categories your audience needs. Discover topics they are interested in viewing and begin to create content that is creative and useful. Soon you will be able to write shareable content!

Author: Felecia Anson

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