Marketing Tactics Designed to Target Generation Z

Marketing Tactics Designed to Target Generation Z

Gen Z, the socially progressive and financially focused consumer segment, with an attention span of less than eight seconds, is quick to welcome change and is highly tech savvy. This is the generation that is inclined to give their business to brands that “keep it real,” favoring authenticity and transparency in a brand’s campaigns. Gen Z is also the segment with a mobile-first mentality, they ensure long-term value for brands, and are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest. Marketers are obsessed with this demographic, since they will soon account for the biggest section of their target customer base.

In 2019, Gen Z was estimated to comprise 32% of the global population of 7.7 billion, moving ahead of millennials, according to an analysis by Bloomberg. Therefore, Gen Z matters for your business and could even influence their parents’ purchase behavior. So, take a look at a few tactics designed to target this hyper-connected consumer base.

1. Interactive Sessions

Given the persistent threat of COVID-19, events and activities continue to be held online. To engage the young crowd online, ask them questions, use polls, encourage active responses, and run contests and quizzes with prizes for winners, according to an article by AMA New Jersey.These are ideal for Facebook and Instagram live sessions, as well as Snapchat and Instagram stories.

2. Have a Clear Mission

Gen Z is acutely aware of social issues, such as diversity, LGBTQ+ rights, and ethical sourcing of raw materials for products. They wish to leave the world better than they found it. This is one of the reasons why brands like Levi’s, Big Bud Press, and Sotela are popular among young consumers. They are highly sustainable and encourage body positivity. These brands are just a few examples that are catering to Gen Z by clearly stating their mission and values. So, make sure your brand has a clear mission statement and promotes it to stand out.

3. Effective Mobile Content

Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok are the best social media platforms to highlight brand messages for Gen Z. Posts on these platforms tend to appear for a few seconds—like Instagram stories—which is ideal for a constantly-engaged audience like Gen Z. Make sure the posts are visually attractive, to the point, interactive, and engaging to easily target this generation.

4. Influencer Campaigns

This has huge potential when it comes to Gen Z. Team up with micro-influencers to drive organic engagement. Rather than traditional celebrities, work with anyone with a “girl/boy next door” appeal. They are more relatable and can influence the buying choice of young adults.

5. Technology

Gen Z has grown up immersed in technology, with quick access to tablets, smartphones, endless WiFi, and even smart homes, making digital connectivity extremely important for them, according to an article by HubSpot. So, reaching out to them has to be through technology, such as mobile apps, social media, cloud computing, and virtual reality.

Engaging Gen Z is not a Herculean task. Collaborate with expert marketing professionals with insight into this population segment to propel your marketing efforts in the right direction.

Author: Matt Gorzynski

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