Recap: #DMWF Data & Disruptive Tech Track

Recap: #DMWF Data & Disruptive Tech Track

AMA New Jersey had the pleasure of attending #DMWF North America in Brooklyn, NY on September 11 and 12 to exploring the future of digital marketing technologies. Read key highlights by Jamie Jurgaitis, AMA VP Business Intelligence, from the Data & Disruptive Tech Track below.

This is the first DMWF I’ve been to. I can say it was one of the better Digital Marketing Conferences I’ve been to in the last year. The DMWF was broken up into 3 different tracks, Content, Influencer & Social Media, Data & Disruptive Tech, and Content & Digital Brand Strategy. During both days I spent most of the time in the Data & Disruptive Tech track.

The most notable takeaway was from Alberto Hernandez, CMO of Forto & Stur Drinks with his presentation “Bringing…Door 2 Door marketing….Back…on steroids”. Hernandez outlined a 5 step process in this digital world that works.

  1. Choose your friends
  2. Nail your elevator speech
  3. Stand by your words
  4. Keep your friends close
  5. Be obsessive about optimization

Ultimately, the key is the customer can order in 3 clicks and get the product in 24 hours.

Who would have thought that engine oil could be cool? John Hickey, Channel Marketing Manager for Castrol, is leveraging cutting edge technology, virtual reality (VR) to promote his product to the real decision makers. Who really thinks about oil in your car? Most would simply ask the mechanic or a gear-head friend for advice on which oil is best for their vehicle. Okay, so how do we get those young mechanics or young gear-heads to always suggest Castrol Oil? Hickey and his team created a VR game,, that is available for teachers and students at technical schools or by gear-heads at home. The mechanic simulation allows young mechanics to practice various techniques and processes for fixing cars while simultaneously showing the Castrol Oil logo in the background—essentially building brand recognition early enough in the mechanics career to form brand loyalty.

One of the biggest future challenges (or opportunities!) is with voice, Alexa or Google. On the second day there was a panel discussion on VOICE. The big challenge in regards to marketing, how do we get our message across to the customer in a voice world. How do we help Alexa or Google provide answers to questions in a very natural way?

  • Develop individual pieces of content/responses to fit people’s questions
  • Build customer habits with your brand on these devices
  • Show the value of hands free experience
  • Take current engagement and extend to voice, e.g. Did you know you can save this recipe via voice?

View additional insights from the other DMWF tracks, here, or live tweets from the conference via @amanewjersey #DMWF. The next Digital Marketing World Forum will be held in Amsterdam on November 25 & 26, 2019. For additional details, click here.

Author: Cassandra Boyce

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