Recap: #DMWF North America

Recap: #DMWF North America

The Digital Marketing World Forum (DMWF) prides itself on its global brand speaker line-up and the latest case studies within digital marketing, and it did not disappoint! AMA New Jersey had the pleasure of attending #DMWF North America in Brooklyn, NY on September 11 and 12. Read key insights and highlights below:

Content & Digital Brand Strategy Track

Brand Relevance – Zeena Koda

Focus your efforts on one or two platforms that you can truly own and reach your audience:

  1. Where is my audience?
  2. Am I taking chances?
  3. Creating relevant convos—projecting not reacting!
  4. Jumping into trend discussion–timing is crucial.
  5. Is my content sexy? Is it going to grab people’s attention in this oversaturated media landscape?

Building character for your brand.

  • Consumers are looking for real opinions in real time; they can tell when its manufacturer or ingenious.
  • Fun > Serious: capitalize on the fun aspects of your brand for higher engagement

Explore Unlikely Avenues.

  • TikTok
  • Venmo (leaderboard capabilities)
  • Waze

Panel: Effective Storytelling in a crowded environment

  • Optimize for each platform. It’s a missed opportunity if you are using identical content across all channels—you won’t reach or truly engage with the audience you are targeting.
  • Different generations consume media differently. Know your audience and know what they want to see, how they want to see it, and where they want to see it.
  • Repurpose content into different formats and styles. Cut a video into a teaser or story that leads to longer form content.

Influencer Marketing & Social Media Marketing Track

Panel: Social Media 


  • No longer the world of freebies. Importance of influencer knowing your product and brand. Volvo’s influencer partners actually purchase/lease the vehicle so they can speak genuinely about their experience and preferences. 
  • Micro-Influencers: Stronger connection with your target audience and drives results in a more sustainable way.

Social Commerce

  • Shifting your focus from views to subscribers and meaningful relationships.
  • Creating Community: How much time is my audience spending with me (intent & time spent metrics). The more time spent, the higher their intent, the increased likelihood of consideration, purchase, and longterm relationship.


  • Augments the human experience, does not replace it.
  • To be successful with chatbot automations, you must be thoughtful and strategic—what makes the most sense for an automatic experience.
  • Keep an eye out for increasing laws about disclosing what is an automated experience.

eCommerce / UX & CX Track

Personalization: Experiences and Products That Do More For Your Customers

Personalization is..

  • creating a custom/tailored experience
  • solving a problem for customers
  • helping a customer easily get from point A to point B with less resistance

It’s all a spectrum, with cosmetic and fundamental personalizations on opposite ends.

  1. Framework
  • Cosmetic: utilize simple technology to delight the customer, e.g. customer’s name
  • Fundamental: utilize complex technology to curate or rank based on a customer’s interests.
  1. Signals (inputs)
  • Cosmetic: based on user provided information (explicit signal/feedback) these personalization can improve how a user feels about a brand (positive sentiment). Examples of explicit signals include an up or down vote,
  • Fundamental: these personalizations are easier at scale as they are implicit inputs, e.g. instagram’s suggestions are inferred

View insights from the 2019 Data & Disruptive Tech track, here, or live tweets from the conference via @amanewjersey #DMWF. The next Digital Marketing World Forum will be held in Amsterdam on November 25 & 26, 2019. For additional details, click here.

Author: Cassandra Boyce

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