Super Bowl LIV: Here’s What Everyone’s Talking About

Super Bowl LIV: Here’s What Everyone’s Talking About

Super Bowl LIV is approaching and there’s a lot of buzz about what creative commercial ads we’ll see.

The San Francisco 49ers will compete with the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami on Sunday, February 2. The game is historically known as a major ad revenue generator, ranking in $382 million in nearly 50 minutes from in-game ads last year.

This year, brands began claiming slots as early as Thanksgiving with some ads going over $5 million per 30-second spots. Companies continue to compete for the best spots year after year and competition continues to increase.

Here are 3 brands we’re expecting to see during this year’s Super Bowl game:

3 brands we’re expecting to see during the 2020 Super Bowl game


Verizon is back in the game and will be airing a total of three commercials for the game. The plan for them is to hone in on 5G technology demonstrating how it can potentially save lives. Andrew McKechnie, Chief Creative Officer at Verizon had this to say, “While we will talk about 5G, it will be in the context of first responders and how we have an impact with them.” Were expecting to see firefighters utilizing 5G wearables, along with other first responders. It’s clear to say that technology is constantly evolving, and we can’t wait to see what’s new in the 5G tech world.


Budweiser is consistently a top performer among super bowl advertisers, but this year the brand is expected to encourage the use of ride-share car options. In today’s day and age, you can never go wrong with promoting safe driving. Viewers should expect an emotional touch on this ad which also aims to touch on combating stereotypes.


Who doesn’t love Doritos? The delicious snack company has big plans this year and has been teasing viewers and fans on their YouTube channel. Rumor has it, Doritos will add a country flare to this year’s ad. Audiences are looking forward to seeing what creative angle Doritos has in store this year.

This year will mark the 11th time South Florida has hosted a Super Bowl, with the last one in 2010 (Super Bowl XLIV) at Hard Rock. A majority of America’s eyes will be glued to their televisions on Super Bowl Sunday starting at 6:30pm—will you?

Author: Laci Johnson

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