4 Reasons Why You May Need to Update Your Landing Page

4 Reasons Why You May Need to Update Your Landing Page

The idea of landing pages cropped up in 2013. This was when Microsoft decided to find a solution to boost the sale of Office. Today landing pages experiment with designs, layouts, headlines, colors, social proofs and supporting copies to boost website lead generations. Studies found that you will outperform 75% of advertisers if you are getting 5% conversion rates but yet must aim for 10%, 20% or even higher making it 3x to 5x higher than the average. Consider taking clues from brands like Slack that have an effective landing page compelling CTA button copy, bright and engaging images, and a unique scrolling style.

Updating your landing page is a must if these components are missing. It will help reap benefits like an increase in e-mail subscriber list, measure business metrics and improve brand value. A well-defined goal with a customized page for different ad groups and fewer exit points is a must. Below are a few reasons why an update would be useful.

1. To Lower the Bounce Rates

A bounce rate between 26% to 40% is great. Anything above 70% can be a cause of concern and an indication of underperformance. Designing a responsive page can boost your site’s conversion rate by ensuring a better experience for visitors. The average attention span of millennials is roughly 8 seconds. A mobile-optimized landing page can go a long way to present all features of your featured product or service in a crisp and punchy way. You could consider graphical elements to attract boomers and vibrant colors to add to the page’s ‘young’ quotient to keep Gen Z hooked. Include collapsible menus, social proof and no captcha for great mobile compatibility.

2. To Replace Stale Content

Carefully consider the interests of your audience and include highly informative details. You need to change the headings and subheadings for every new product and service. This should be backed by abundant trust signals like fresh testimonials and endorsements. Make sure the page is SEO-friendly with strategic keyword placement and building backlinks. These are especially helpful if you are creating seasonal landing pages. A forum for professional truck drivers, The Truckers Report, once saw a 79.3% increase in conversion with 1,000,000 page visits per month with content marketing.

3. To Boost Your Marketing Strategy

A landing page ‘lands’ potential buyers to specific product or service pages. This is a part of your marketing gimmick that offers a chance to build a robust consumer base. Customers today wish to go on a ‘buying journey’ from the initial to the purchasing stages. The landing page is the first step of this marketing ‘funnel’. So, if you are not collecting email addresses or engagement levels are stagnated, consider a landing page makeover.

4. To Enhance Visual Appeal

Infographics or illustrations can awaken emotions like comfort, happiness, and hope. So, update the fonts, graphics text and colors accordingly to support the message you wish to send out to your audience. Design according to your purpose and ensure a positive and trustworthy vibe. It should be able to grab the attention of all demographics, from boomers to Gen z. Videos and animation are great ways to add value and emotional cues for customers. It will improve the impact of your marketing efforts.

Putting these tips into action is the key element of a landing page upgrade. This will help nurture leads into paying customers. Make sure it is well-crafted with lightning-fast loading, concise copy and an easy-to-use interface to keep visitors from leaving early.

By Seanna Iraci

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