6 Ways Email Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

6 Ways Email Marketing Builds Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a constructive way to boost business visibility. It can help win the battle of increasing sales and profits to ensure the desired ROI. Roughly 306.4 billion e-mails were sent and received every day in 2020 which is expected to rise to more than 376.4 billion mails daily by 2025. So having an effective e-mail marketing strategy is crucial for brand building and strengthening your position in the industry. It also acts as a great tool especially if you have limited budgets and skills. The right fact with personalized one-on-one communication is a great tool to retain your existing customers and gain new ones.

You can leverage emails irrespective of the business size and boost credibility. Studies found that 64% of small businesses use it to reach their audience. So, take a look at a few useful ways in which email newsletters can give your brand the right direction.

1. Appropriate Content

The top approach is a solution-focused piece instead of a sales pitch. It is insightful and addresses the concerns of the customer base. It is a good way to ensure engagement since the audience learns new ways to fight challenges. Select topics which trigger an emotional reaction, perform keyword research and include storytelling as a ‘soft sell’. Readers might share easy-to-read, relatable, and reactive mails with like-minded people which helps your brand go viral.

2. Regular Interaction

Consistent strategy is key to a successful marketing strategy. It garners the trust of subscribers and creates a scenario where they look forward to hearing from you. Try to set up a delivery schedule with 1-2 emails per week. A unique brand experience can escalate profits. But do not send mails to anyone who has not signed up. Consent lies at the forefront of campaigns and can make or break a brand’s reputation.

3. Welcome Mails

The first mail after subscription often has the highest open rates. A well-crafted welcome mail informs customers what to expect. They can also choose between a monthly or weekly subscription. Proper personalization at this point is a great chance to build an impression. Add offers, a special discount or an interesting video just like IKEA, Kate Spade and InVision do. So, collaborate with experts to create an effective template for the welcome mail series.

4. Recognizable Layout

Brands with a thriving email strategy usually have colors, images or a logo that already went into their website. It makes branding evident and increases awareness. Keep all the elements similar to help subscribers identify you easily. Further, make sure your landing page and email content are aligned. For example, if your mail promises a flat 50% discount with no CTA to redeem the offer, you are likely to lose customer trust.

5. Subject Line Call-To-Action

Mails with eye-catching subject lines are excellent ways to reach people. Add phrases like ‘win’, ‘check these exciting…’ or ‘verify your account’. Make sure there is a sense of emergency, promotional offer, an emotional appeal or exciting piece of information. These can get your audience to open the mail and thus enhance brand awareness. In return, the chances of conversation might increase as well.

6. Personalization

One-size-fits-all messaging is obsolete. A customer-centric email is tailor-made to strengthen experience and target a specific group of readers. It will help you stand out in the inbox, build trust, boost website engagement and increase sales. You are likely to see an improvement in the revenue which is not quite possible with bulk emails.

These are a few simple, yet robust ways email marketing can boost brand awareness. In a survey, 4 out of 5 marketers said they would rather remove social media than email marketing. So, try to put the tips into action for your next marketing campaign. Don’t forget to keep social media and digital ads in the mix for better results!

By Seanna Iraci

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