Jersey proud moments beyond the commute

Beyond the Commute, Capturing Jersey Moments

Greetings from Philly!

Three days a week, I drive from my home in Jackson to Levittown. From there, I take the train to Philadelphia. For about the last month, I have been greeted by a stunning Rutgers-Camden takeover. The William H. Gray 30th Street Station , the third-busiest in the nation, touts the Rutgers brand on platform billboards and digital displays throughout the Art Deco era grand hall and corridors. Most stunning, though, are the billowing crimson banners that stretch more than 50 feet from the ceiling almost to the floor.

My point is this—Jersey is always with us and often around us, even when we are out of state (I was recently at Macy’s where they were hawking alongside gourmet chocolate bars). Iconic brands and innovative industries that call New Jersey their home run the gamut. And that includes the consumer packaged goods (CPG) vertical, which we featured recently during our Quintessential NJ Sectors Showcase. The online panel discussion kicked off the series designed to highlight some of what NJ does best. Watch our website and email newsletter for upcoming showcase events representing higher education, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

My nearly 2-hour commute comes with its share of headaches, but on days like this, I look up from my phone and see more than an awareness campaign for Rutgers-Camden and its award-winning executive education program. I see real-life reminders of tangible work that makes a difference. I see the convergence of creative ideas, words, images, and messaging that command attention and inspire action. It makes me #JerseyProud.

What about you? What makes you #JerseyProud? Let me know at I’d love to feature your voice and ideas in this space.

-Gail H. Towns,

President, AMA NJ

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