Changing Your Career to Marketing

Changing Your Career to Marketing

If you’re a career changer interested switching to marketing, the first steps can be overwhelming. A formal education in media, marketing, or public relations can help, but marketing is more than eye catching visuals and attention-getting copy. If you have a background in math, statistics, or engineering, you may be drawn to the data analytics aspects. If you have no formal marketing related education, you can still become an effective marketer. In fact, regardless of your background, all career changers can use the following advice to sharpen their marketing skills.


Volunteer at your local animal shelter, church, food pantry, or other organization whose mission you are passionate about. Take on a marketing role. Volunteering as webmaster or social media manager will provide you with the skills employers’ desire as you help make your community a better place. You may feel uneasy about putting your volunteer experience on a resume, but don’t be. Employers love to see potential employees taking the initiative to learn new skills and to be active in their community. You may even find that an employer decided to interview you because you share a passion.

Study Related Subjects

Marketing is an art and a science. It contains aspects of graphic design, statistics, psychology, and sociology. Each academic discipline interprets and analyzes marketing materials through a different lens. Reach content from specialists in each field to become well-rounded. The best marketers have a basic understanding of each. You may focus on designing social media posts, but analytics are needed to make sure you’re providing your consumers with the content that interests them.

The American Marketing Association, LinkedIn Learning, Google Skillshop, Facebook Blueprint, Udemy, Coursera, and your local community college provide classes on marketing, analytics, design, and more.

Read Marketing Related Books and Articles

Understanding marketing concepts is important. However, marketers never stop learning. There is always a new way to reach your customers whether its through social media or traditional media. Read the American Marketing Association’s website, AdWeek, MarketingLand, Forbes, and other business-related websites and publications to keep up to date on the latest marketing news and trends.

Join The American Marketing Association

By joining the American Marketing Association, you get access to different types of training, such as conferences and white papers, as well as access to national and local networking events. To get the most out of an American Marketing Association membership, attend as many events as possible, read the AMA NJ blog and articles from Journal of Marketing, and get involved in your local AMA chapter. In fact, you can start your AMA journey by volunteering for the Communications, Events, or Membership teams.

Marketing is a broad discipline that requires knowledge on many different topics. If you’re serious about a career change into marketing, it takes hard work and perseverance to acquire the experience employers seek.

Author: Allison Lips

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