Expanding Your Network in the Midst of the Pandemic

Expanding Your Network in the Midst of the Pandemic

Networking is forging new relationships, while nurturing old ones. Before the pandemic hit the world, brand representatives regularly attended promotional events to build and nurture such relationships. Additionally, they would also organize campaigns and activities to drive conversion rates. However, COVID-19 has brought about revolutionary changes in the business landscape. Unless you are a digitally native entity like Amazon or Netflix, benefiting from the stay-at-home era, expanding your network is a must.

For this, you need to determine your goal, engage people on social media, update your LinkedIn profile and tap into existing resources, according to an article on Forbes. Stay focused on the changing behaviors of potential clients and adapt to it to build stronger ties. For instance, 39% of social media users are spending more time online, so this is where you need to connect with them. In fact, 87% of consumers appreciate significant gestures from brands that make out-of-the-box moves.

Still wondering why it is important to network virtually? Take a look.

Unlocks Growth Opportunities

Monitoring your online reputation, responding quickly to customers, and creating engaging content can act as catalysts for business growth. In fact, these are great ways to enhance your network, which ultimately helps generate recommendations, build new partnerships, and attract new customers.

Offers a Great Breakthrough

Expanding your network amid the pandemic can offer a good head-start to small brands. With little effort and time, and by tweaking strategies, you could give your better-established counterparts a run for their money. In fact, conversational icebreakers, follow ups and attending virtual events are justified by the returns they offer in the long run. Apart from the usual, try experimenting with your marketing mix to further optimize your business exposure.

Keeps Abreast of Advancements

Networking with industry professionals will motivate you to learn about the new developments in your field. This, in turn, will help you stay relevant, increase workers’ productivity, minimize overhead costs and stay organized too, according to an article on Sixteen Limited. Further, it can reduce the monotonous paperwork and get you to implement innovative software solutions too. These are important to maintain a competitive edge.

Maintains Mental Health

Connecting on social media or talking to your clients regularly amid the lockdown can be medicine for good mental health. In fact, through networking, you might also open up about life’s challenges to someone trustworthy. Talk to old colleagues who understand your industry and the work dynamics. This could boost your career too.

Consider working with experts to put yourself out into the world. This is the first step towards successfully growing your web network. You might end up receiving much better responses than you expected.

Author: Christina Diecidue

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